Precision Balances - Resolution 0.1g - S Series

Supplied By: BEL Engineering, Italy

MARK S - Resolution 0.1g Precision Balances

The MARK S - Resolution 0.01g series of Precision Balances is a fusion of design and quality. The Mark S Precision Balance encompasses all the experience of higher end models in a small footprint portable balance. Thanks to a sophisticated software and a high performance load cell, these balances allow reliable and fast weighing. Solid structure, ergonomic keypad and the many embedded software functions make this balance a complete product at a very competitive price.



The MARK S - Resolution 0.1g series of Precision Balances has the following standard features:

    • High Resolution Load Cell Weighing System

    • External Calibration

    • LCD with backlight with adjustable contrast

    • Operating with internal accumulator (included)

    • Plastic protection cover

    • Small footprint, portable

The MARK S - Resolution 0.1g series of Precision Balances has the following additional features:


Precision Balances and Weighing Scales


Features Description
LC-HR High Resolution Load Cell Strain Gauge measures the deformation as change in electrical resistance
RS-232 RS 232 Data Interface Port to connect the balance to printer, PC and peripheral devices
UNITS Measuring Units Changeable measuring units that the balance will use to display weight
PCS Piece Counting Function to count identical items. Reference quantities are selectable
LIMITS Check Weighing Upper and Lower limits can be set individually, for dosing and portioning
% WEIGH Percentual Weighing Function calculates the variation of a sample from reference value
ADD Adding Weighing To effect sum of consecutive weighings. Shows total and current weight
ANIMAL Animal Weighing Accurate readings under unstable conditions such as moving laboratory animals
DENSITY Density Determination Function accurately determines density of a solid object or a liquid
PEAK Max Load Retains the peak value. Eg - When a maximum force is quickly released
UNDER Suspended Weighing A support with hook can be loaded on the underside of the balance
ACCU Accumulator Balance has internal accumulator or can be used with an optional external accumulator



MARK S - Resolution 0.1g Precision Balance
Model Capacity (g) Resolution (g) Pan (mm) Repeatibility (g) Linearity (g) Response Time (sec)
S3201 3200 0.1 150x140 0.05 ± 0.2 ≤ 2
S5201 5200 0.1 150x140 0.05 ± 0.2 ≤ 2
S6201 6200 0.1 150x140 0.05 ± 0.2 ≤ 2


Technical Data

    • Span Drift: (+ 10... + 30°C): ± 6ppm/°C

    • Dimensions: L x W x H (mm): 190 x 255 x 80

    • Power Supply: 110 - 230 Vac, 50/60 Hz; output 9V, 1.2A, 10VA

    • Net Weight: 1.4 Kg


    • BEL Tablet System for Balances. USB version (BL0329) or Bluetooth version (BL0330)

    • Bluetooth printer DPP-250-BT for BEL Table System (AC013)

    • Serial Printer TLP-50, with date and time (C054)

    • Serial Printer DPP-250 (AC007)

    • Alphanumeric external keyboard (AC005)

    • Serial to USB converter (E1002)

    • Serial Cable for serial output to printer or PC (E743)

    • Calibration Certificate (BL0333)


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