Magnetic Crack Detectors

Why Toshniwal Magnetic Crack Detectors?

Toshniwal Technologies Private Limited has been manufacturing Magnetic Crack Detectors, also known as Magnetic Particle Inspection Machines for over 40 years. Toshniwal Technologies guarantees that its Magnetic Crack Detectors are of the best quality, having fine craftsmanship, superb reliability, long life and extremely rugged and durable.

Toshniwal Technologies has been in the field of Instrumentation for more than 65 years, and in those 65 years, we have not only perfected our instruments, but also the quality of our service. Amongst the instrumentation industry, our service is most renowned and are hence, the preferred suppliers. Our service engineers are knowledgeable, skilful, responsive and understanding.

Application of Magnetic Crack Detector

Toshniwal Technologies Magnetic Particle Inspection Machines are designed for non-destructive testing of ferromagnetic samples and parts. The Magnetic Crack Detector will locate cracks and other defects in samples which can be magnetized by passing current through them. When properly used, the Magnetic Crack Detector will locate defects such as fatigue cracks, heat cracks, grinding checks, forging laps, shrinks and tears in casting, improper welds and inherent defects in metals such as seams, inclusions as well as cracks due to overstressing of parts. These defects may not be visible to the naked eye but can be located rapidly and accurately by using the Toshniwal Magnetic Crack Detector.

Features of the Toshniwal Magnetic Crack Detectors

    • Toshniwal Technologies Magnetic Crack Detector’s output current is available in all types of magnetizing currents: Alternating Current, Half Wave Direct Current and Direct Current

    • Toshniwal Technologies Magnetic Crack Detector can locate surface and subsurface cracks

    • Toshniwal Technologies Magnetic Crack Detector can be used for both dry type inspection and wet type inspection

    • Toshniwal Technologies Magnetic Crack Detector’s Residual method allows users to examine cracks even after the sample has been removed from the machine

    • Fluorescent powder or liquid shines brightly under the UV light for very easy spotting

Benefits of using Toshniwal Magnetic Crack Detectors

    • High Sensitivity – Small discontinuities and deep sub surface cracks can be detected

    • Minimal surface preparation – No need to remove paint

    • Portable and Mobile – Magnetic crack detectors can be designed for portability and mobility

    • Customizable – The Magnetic crack detector can be designed entirely to fit the customer requirements

    • Cost Savings – Due to the economic cost of the product and its ability to non-destructively test samples, major cost savings can be achieved

    • Quality – The Magnetic crack detector easily identifies defective parts, whereby improving quality of the lot being dispatched

Selecting and Designing the Magnetic Crack Detector

Diameter of the Sample: The greater the diameter, the greater the output current required. The basic thumb rule is 500Amps per inch diameter.

Surface only or Subsurface crack detection: For surface only cracks, AC output Magnetic Crack Detector is recommended. For subsurface and surface cracks, HWDC output Magnetic Crack Detector is recommended.

Type of test to be conducted:

    • For heavy stationary objects that are difficult to move, the Mobile or Portable Magnetic Crack detector is recommended

    • For on the job welding and finished welding inspection and such tasks, the Portable Magnetic Crack Detector is recommended

    • For objects that can be moved about, the Stationary Model Magnetic Crack Detector is recommended

    • For large sample quantity testing and for faster testing, the Stationary Magnetic Crack Detector is recommended

    • For Stationary Models, the Bed Length is designed based on the job length (job length is the length of the part being tested)