Company History

When India, after gaining independence in 1947 was at the dawn of Industrialization, the House of Toshniwal was established. And since that day in 1948, the founder's spirit has been carried forward, unchanged in the aim of contributing to progress through "State of the Art" technology in the field of Instrumentation.


Toshniwal Brothers Pvt. Ltd. started principally as a marketing organization. With the changing face of technology, the company grew, keeping pace with the times. Self-reliance and consequently indigenisation became a national priority. Technical know-how was obtained from foreign principals as well as reputed national laboratories and in-house research and development activities were encouraged. This resulted in assimilating sophisticated technology within the group and establishing the company's capability for quality products. Today, the Toshniwal range of products covers a judicious mix of imported as well as indigenous equipment, covering a wide spectrum of products in Analytical & Bio-technology , Process Control, Material Testing, Broadcast & Communication and Geophysical fields.


With over 5 decades in the service of Science, Research and Industry, the House of Toshniwal now occupies a premier position in the Instrumentation field. The Organization, with all India networks, specializes in instrumentation catering to the needs of Education, Science, Industry and R&D Organizations.