About Terraplus

Over the last 25 years, Terraplus has grown to become one of the world's largest suppliers of geophysical instruments. Our company offers a vast selection of reliable products for a wide spectrum of applications, including:

  • Mining Exploration: Magnetometers, Spectrometers, Induced Polarization (IP), Magnetic Susceptibility/Conductivity, Borehole Logging equipment, in addition to HLEM and TDEM systems.

  • Water Exploration: Resistivity Meters, HLEM, TDEM and CSAMT as well as Borehole Logging equipment including Video Inspection Camera systems.

  • Environmental and Engineering Investigations: Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Electric Resistivity Tomography (ERT), Conductivity Meters, Seismographs, etc.

  • Geotechnical Applications: Borehole Logging equipment with an extensive range of tools, including Acoustic and Optical Televiewers, Full Wave Sonic, Conductivity probes and more.

  • Oil & Gas Exploration: MT systems with TDEM for static corrections, Seismic systems for surface, marine and borehole applications (VSP systems), Gyros, etc. Geothermal, UXO, Archaeology, Utility Locating, Concrete Investigations and many additional applications.

In addition to a large selection of products for sale, Terraplus has one of the most comprehensive rental inventories of geophysical instruments in the world. For a complete description of the products we sell, rent and the applications that our equipment can be used for, please visit the products, rentals and applications sections of our web site.


Our 25 years of experience strongly qualifies us to help you select the appropriate instrumentation for your needs. Our in-house Technical Department provides training for optimal equipment use and on-going product support.


Our extensive range of products also allows Customers to reduce their shipping and/or training costs by consolidating their purchases with one experienced source, Terraplus.


Terraplus is an international team fluent in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. We encourage you to communicate with us in any of these languages.



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