About us

INGOS Ltd. is a Czech engineering, manufacturing and trading company, which was founded in 1995 and the main activity was the development, design and manufacturing of laboratory instruments.


Within next two years further development of the company occurred, the scope of activities spread and the company established three divisions: Energo, Rea and Laboratory Instruments. In 2009, the Energo and Rea Divisions merged into one division called EnergoRea while maintaining the workload of individual divisions.


Currently INGOS Ltd. consists of two separate divisions with different activities, namely EnergoRea Division and Laboratory Instruments Division which are both active on the Czech market, but in recent years, have significantly succeed on foreign markets as well. Supplies of INGOS Ltd. can be found all over the world.


EnergoRea Division

The main activities of this division include design, engineering along with supply and assembly work in the area of power equipment, measuring, control and regulation technologies in investment construction. INGOS - EnergoRea Division is a reliable partner especially in the field of water management, hydro and other types of energy and facility technical support, environmental technology, supply of control systems including users and visualization software. We provide warranty and post-warranty service on all products and technological units supplied by our company.


Laboratory Instruments Division

The division of Laboratory Instruments develops and manufactures precision instruments incorporating the up-to-date findings from research and development. The devices have international certificates, such as CB and CE certificates as well as CE TÜV and are fully comparable with international competitors. More than forty years of experience of our engineers in combination with the cooperation with specialists enables us to design and manufacture reliable, robust instruments with low operating costs, in compliance with corporate environmental policy and ISO certificates. We offer equipment for analytical and chemical laboratories, as well as high quality customer support based on widely recognized methods. We believe that by providing high quality products and services we can reliably meet the needs of our customers anywhere in the world.

The main activities currently INGOS Ltd. currently provides are as follows:

Turnkey projects in:

  • Measurement and regulation

  • Ecological construction equipment - hydroelectric power plants and sewage treatment plants

  • Power facilities

  • Facility technical support


Key activities:

  • Technical designing

  • Programming

  • Engineering

  • Switchboard production to 1000V

  • Service and operation

  • Laboratory instruments development

  • Laboratory instruments manufacturing


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