About us

Since its founding over 30 years ago, ZIRBUS technology GmbH has made an excellent name for itself on the global market, with a steadily increasing number of customers putting their trust in Zirbus brand autoclaves and lyophilizers.

ZIRBUS technology entered the market in 1984, embracing a philosophy that is reflected in our high-quality, highly customized instruments. The idea behind the company’s founding was to develop instruments tailored to the highly specialized demands of each individual customer. Rather than buying off-the-rack instruments, our customers can purchase products suitable for unique applications in an exceptionally wide range of fields—and that has given us an excellent reputation. Our customers can look forward to a product made entirely by hand and produced exclusively in Germany. ZIRBUS technology GmbH is currently a reliable partner for the food and pharmaceuticals industries, and to customers in the fields of research and medicine. Our steady growth and customer-oriented expertise attest to the success of this strategy. Over 50 reliable, innovative employees contribute their talents to the company each and every day.

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