The Story of Labogene


When many employees of a Danish manufacturer of clean air equipment were made redundant in 2005, Finn Kokholm, a former Director of this company decided to set up a company called ScanLaf to continue the long tradition of manufacturing clean air equipment in Denmark. Many of the employees had expertise in other areas such as Freeze Drying and thermostatic circulators, from this the brands of ScanVac and ScanCool were born. ScanSpeed (centrifuges) were soon added to this lit.



LaboGene was established as a sister company to strengthen the international position and to expand and develop the product range further.



LaboGene was certified and approved by ISO 9001 Standard and moved to new premises at Industrivej 6-8, Lynge. During the year a joint partnership was formed with Origio to manage the IVF business. This was called Origio ScanLab Equipment.



In April the LaboGene share of Origio ScanLab Equipment was sold to Origio. Finn Kokholm, the founder and General Manager of LaboGene, passed away in December.



Kontiki Holding becomes the main shareholder of the LaboGene Group to further strengthening the financial position.


ScanLaf merged with LaboGene, LaboGene being the continuing company. A new General Manager of the LaboGene Group, Mr Kim Müller, was appointed end of August to continue the restructuring and general improvements and to make further changes that reflect LaboGene’s new approach to customers and business. He also initiated a re-organization and an establishment of a new management team. The IVF Manufacturing unit owned by Origio was relocated in October.


Mission Statement

We are LaboGene ApS, a privately owned Danish company, employing over 40 skilled personnel in several production sites, primarily in Denmark and with a world wide dealer and distribution network selling and supporting our equipments.


With over 30 years experience in the design, manufacture and service of scientific equipments for scientific and medical research, pharmaceutical quality control and testing. It is our mission:

  • To meet the demands and expectations of our staff, customers and distributors in all aspects of our relationships.

  • To make a positive contribution to the scientific community by providing equipment of innovative design, quality of construction and reliability in performance. Provide customers with top quality equipment to best serve their needs, delivered on time and backed up good technical service for the equipment's life-time.

  • Constantly strive to make a positive impact on our world by employing energy saving and environmentally friendly components in our equipment, in our design considerations, manufacturing processes, operating protocols and servicing methods.


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