EnviroVibe 2 Seismic Vibrator Production System

Supplied By: Industrial Vehicles International, USA

The EnviroVibe 2 Seismic Vibrator Production System:

The EnviroVibe 2 is the newest and largest seismic vibrator production system in the ‘minivib’ product family group. It is a low impact system designed for oil and gas seismic reflection surveys. The system is optimized for operation in environmentally sensitive or populated areas. The EnviroVibe 2 features the ‘minivib’ 26, which is a 26,000 pound broadband source which performs well at both low frequencies and high frequencies, but is designed to carry all ‘minivib’ seismic vibrators. This advanced system features both low source generated ground pressure and low vehicle generated ground pressure. The wagon wheel articulated steering design and the low center of gravity delivers good overall performance. The EnviroVibe 2 system fits in a shipping container, allowing cost-effective and secure international shipment.


 Seismic Vibrators for oil exploration Seismic Vibrators for oil exploration


Featuring SHAP Technology:

Symmetrical Hydraulic Acoustic Projector, or SHAP, Technology provides superior performance and adaptability to geophysical requirements:

Design Shaped for Performance

  • Earth coupling acoustically appropriate

  • Dynamically stable driver

  • High fidelity conversion of hydraulic energy to acoustic energy


Specifications Metric Units English Units
Height: 2.51 m 99 Inches
Width: 2.13 m 84 Inches
Length: 7 m 275 Inches
Total Weight: 12,247 Kg 27,000 Pounds
Front Axle Weight: 5,398 Kg 11,900 Pounds
Rear Axle Weight: 6,849 Kg 15,100 Pounds
Traction System Pressure: 259 Bar 3,750 PSI
Transmission: Hydrostatic Hydrostatic
Cab: 2 Man Vista Cab 2 Man Vista Cab
Turning Radius: 5.44 m 214 Inches
Axles: Outboard Planetary Outboard Planetary
Diesel Engine - John Deere: 173 HP @ 2400 RPM 129 kW @ 2400 RPM
Breaks: Enclosed Wet Disk Enclosed Wet Disk


Options and Add Ons:

    • Front Winch: Hydraulically powered 6,804 Kg winch

    • Noise Reduction Panels: Reduces the ambient noise of the EnviroVibe 2

    • Cold Weather Options: Various heaters, covers, and other equipment for cold temperatures

    • Optional Lighting: Various vehicle lighting configurations for different local requirements

    • Cab Protective Structure: A cab structure designed to protect the cab in rugged conditions


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