Birdwagen Mark IV Universal Carrier

Supplied By: Industrial Vehicles International, USA

The ‘birdwagen’ Mark IV Universal Carrier is a 64,000 pound 4x4 off-road buggy designed to carry any of IVI’s larger seismic vibrators, such as the HEMI 60 and ATS 60, thereby making it an ideal vehicle platform for changing industry requirements. Its articulated steering, low center of gravity and unique traction system delivers effective off-road performance. Additional design and safety features include an eight- speed hydraulic motor, single pump, cabin and roll-over protection, and easy access to maintenance points.


'birdwagen' MARK 4C Vehicle

 Seismic Vibrators for Oil Exploration Seismic Vibrators for Oil Exploration


Specifications Metric Units English Units
Height (with standard tires): 2.92 m 115.1 Inches
Width (with standard tires): 2.75 m 108.27 Inches
Length: 9.65 m 380 Inches
Total Weight: 29,030 Kg 64,000 Pounds
Front Axle Weight: 14,288 Kg 31,500 Pounds
Rear Axle Weight: 14,742 Kg 32,500 Pounds
Traction System Pressure: 276 Bar 4,000 PSI
Transmission: Hydrostatic 4 speed Hydrostatic 4 speed
Cab: 2 or 3 Man Vista Cab 2 or 3 Man Vista Cab
Turning Radius: 7.92 m 312 Inches
Engine - CAT C15: 336 kW @ 2100 RPM 450 HP @ 2100 RPM
Standard Tires: 67x34-25 14 ply 67x34-25 14 ply


Options and Add Ons:

    • Front Winch: Hydraulically powered 9072 Kg winch

    • Front Winch (High Torque): Hydraulically powered 13608 Kg winch

    • Cold Weather Options: Various heaters, covers, and other equipment for cold temperatures

    • Optional Lighting: Various vehicle lighting configurations for different local requirements

    • Cab Protective Structure: A cab structure designed to protect the cab in rugged conditions


Why IVI 'birdwagen'?

    • 61,000 pounds vibrator

    • A hydraulic drive articulated 4x4 vehicle

    • proven performance


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