Minivib 12

Supplied By: Industrial Vehicles International, USA

The ‘minivib’ 12 offers up to 12,000 pounds force output and can be installed on the EnviroVibe 2, Minibuggy or T-15000 system platforms.


Specifications Metric Units English Units
Peak Force: 53,245 N 11,970 pounds
Mass Piston Area: 25.7 cm2 3.99 inches2
Reaction Mass Weight: 449.1 Kg 990 pounds
Reaction Mass Stroke: 6.99 cm 2.75 inches
Servovalve: 227 LPM 60 GPM
Servovalve Pilot Filter: 3 Micron 3 Micron
Baseplate Area: 11,675 cm2 1,810 inches2
Baseplate Assembly Weight (with pad): 388 kg 855 pounds


The 'minivib' 12 is a source option for the EnviroVibe 2 Seismic Vibrator Production System and T-1500 Truck Mounted Vibroseis System.


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