Sigma TZ/Shallow Water


Sigma: Cableless Seismic Acquisition System


The Transitional Zone SigmaBuoy™ provides a water-tight, floatation buoyancy platform whose primary use is for seismic acquisition and instrument packages deployed in aggressive water environments including, but not limited to coastal ocean waters, bays, rivers, harbors, lakes, and reservoirs. The unit is constructed and rotationally molded in Linear Low Density Polyethylene (UV stabilized).

    • Wall Thickness : 1/8”-3/16”

    • Air weight : 30 lbs

    • Diameter : 30” Max

    • Height : 20”

    • Freeboard : 4” (less cover)

    • Submergence : 12”

    • Surface Color : Safety Orange

All materials are corrosion resistant and at the water surface will not degenerate when exposed to sunlight, oils, and petroleum products.


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