Sigma Mesh Radio Network (MRN)


A critical design feature of the Sigma™ acquisition system is its proprietary Mesh Radio Network (MRN) which is automatic in deployment. The MRN’s license free, completely flexible and self-configurable features are allowing Sigma Acquisition Units (SAU’s) to be deployed in challenging and aggressive environments where other systems are restricted and cannot be used. This is done while providing and maintaining communications protocolsTraditional functions found in cabled systems like the ability to deploy/undeploy, conducting sensor and instrument tests on demand, troubleshooting, quality control, and toggling power-up and sleep modes were are possible because of Sigma’s™ MRN. Each Sigma™ field box (SAU) communicates to maintain the MRN network naturally, providing a redundant wireless connectivity point to reach all units. That makes field work of a troubleshooter so much easier! You can deploy a box, check its status or request a test without seeing it.

Sigma: Cableless Seismic Acquisition System


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