Sigma Operational Features


Sigma Observer™ software periodically updates (can also be requested individually, or a group update) field boxes status information, which includes:

    • Recording and memory status

    • Recording settings and firmware level

    • Sensor, Self-Test results and Battery level

    • Deployed geometry and physical location


Sigma Observer™ software generates variety of reports in standard CSV or print format:

    • Troubleshooting Report, used for replacing batteries and string repair

    • Sensor Test Report, includes string resistance, frequency, damping, sensitivity and leakage

    • Instrument Test Report, includes results of self-test and pulse test

    • Equipment Setup Report, includes each box settings, firmware and location

    • Acquired Shot Report, includes all data from observer log

Spread and Shot QC:

Sigma Observer™ software confirms:

    • Each active receiver station before shot is taken

    • Every shot recorded as unique and log confirmed with read after write

    • Advanced shot/observer log editor, capable of logging passive seismic and any/all events

    • Advanced Receivers, Sources and Relation file editor, with geographical and schematic view capabilities


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