Plant Growth Chamber PRC 3200 WL

Supplied By: Hettich Benelux, Nederlands

Hettich Benelux Article number 8840.0000
Cabinet size external D x W x H in mm 927 x 3523 x 2209
Cabinet size internal D x W x H in mm 720 x 2830 x 1658
Internal volume in liters 3125
Internal construction Stainless steel 304, RAL 9016 coated
Exterior construction Galvanised steel, RAL 9016 coated
Number of doors 4
Floor space in m² 3.4
Wall isolation/thickness in mm 60
Castors 6 swivel castors with adjustable foot
Water drain at the back of the unit Stainless steel pipe, diam. 22 mm
Lockable door Optional
Transit port location and size In the sidewall, 52 mm
Fresh air inlet Adjustable, in the back wall
Humidity system (optional) Ultrasonic
Humidity sensor (optional) Capacitive
CO2 system (optional) Up to 10,000 ppm adjustable
Airflow system Horizontal, through the back pressure wall to the front
Maximum tiers of shelves 3 (more shelves on request)
Number of trays with size: 60 x 40 cm per shelf 3
Shelf size (W x D) in mm 1290 x 600
Growth area per shelf in m2 0.774
Max. total growth area in m2 (6 shelves) 4.65
Adjustable height between shelves in mm 50
Shelf material Stainless steel 304
Light intensity (15 cm under source, at 25 °C) 200, 400 or 1100 μmol
Light dimmable Between 10% and 100%
Light colour / spectrum White, spectrum is 95% sunlight compatible
Type of cooling system Water cooled condensor (air cooled optional)
Refrigerant R134a
GWP-value 1430
Environmental temperature in °C 15-25
Temperature range lights on °C 10-45
Temperature range lights off °C 4-45
Temperature homogeneity lights on, including (optional) humidity in °C ± 2
Temperature homogeneity lights off in °C ± 2
Temperature adjustable in °C per 0.1
Airflow speed in m/s <0.2
Noise level in dB(A) <50
RH range lights on (optional) 35 - 80% ( +/- 5%) on temperature setting
RH range lights off (optional) 35 - 90% ( +/- 5%) on temperature setting
Cooling water connection (max. 12 °C) ≥ 1“
Deionised water supply for humidier (optional) < 5 μS/cm, briefly up to 20μS/cm; 1/4“ internal thread; 0,5 - 6 Bar
Electrical supply 400V, AC, 3 phases + neutral; 50/60Hz
Potentional free alarm contact At the back wall
Type controller mTRON touch screen controller
LAN connection Web based interface, at the back wall, CAT 6

Plant Growth Chamber


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