Minivib S6

Supplied By: Industrial Vehicles International, USA

The ‘minivib’ S6 consists of the ‘minivib’ 6 seismic vibrator with an added group of components which allows the operator to convert the ‘minivib’ 6 from a p-wave vibrator to a shearwave seismic vibrator source. The unique shearwave design allows the operator to rotate and position the horizontally mounted vibrator actuator at any angle relative to the line. This angle can be changed to any other angle as often as desired..


Specifications Metric Units English Units
Peak Force: 26,689 N 6,000 pounds
Mass Piston Area: 9.7 cm2 1.5 inches2
Reaction Mass Weight: 141 Kg 311 pounds
Reaction Mass Stroke: 4.78 cm 1.88 inches
Servovalve: 18.9 LPM 5 GPM
Servovalve Pilot Filter: 3 Micron 3 Micron
Baseplate Area: 6,567 cm2 1,018 inches2
Baseplate Assembly Weight: 168 kg 370 pounds


The 'minivib' S6 is a source option for the EnviroVibe 2 Seismic Vibrator Production System and T-1500 Truck Mounted Vibroseis System.


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