Low Noise Flux Gate FGS-03e: 3-Axis Fluxgate Sensor

Supplied By: Metronix Geophysics, Germany

FGS-03e Low Noise Flux Gate

The FGS-03e is a low noise 3-axis fluxgate sensor. It extends the frequency range for MT measurements down to DC. The FGS-03e provides automatic sensor detection with ADU07e systems. The sensor core unit is a Bartington Mag-03.

For lower frequencies all transfer functions are linear. This sensor is designed for crustal studies where periods of 10,000 seconds and more are needed. Recording time for those periods are three to eight weeks depending on the data quality (magnetic activity and external interferences by man made noise).

Magnetotelluric Super High Frequency Induction Coil

FGS-03e Technical Specifications

FGS-03e Technical Specifications
Frequency Range DC - 3kHz
DC - 30 sec for MT measurements
Sensor Noise < 0.006 nT/√Hz @ 1Hz
Output Sensitivity 0.1 mV/nT f (model:L100)
0.143 mV/nT f (model:L70)
Orthogonality Error < 0.5°
Output Voltage Range ± 10V
Measuring Range ± 100,000 nT (model:L100), ± 70,000 nT (model:L70)
Connector ODU G32KON-T10QJ00-000 (FluxGate socket)
ODU S22KON-T10MJG0-7000 (cable plug)
Offset Temperature Coefficient ± 0.1 nT/°C
Offset Error ± 5 nT
Supply Voltage ± 12V to ± 15V stabilized and filtered
Supply Current + 26mA, -6mA (+1.4mA per 100μT for each axis)
Case Rugged, Waterproof Case
Weight Aprrox. 3 Kg
External Dimensions L:300 x Ø:75 mm
Operating temperature range -40°C to + 70°C

Magnetotelluric High Frequency Induction Coil


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