Centrifugal Freeze Dryers & Lyophilizers

Supplied By: Zirbus, Germany

Vacuum Freeze Dryers & Lyophilizers

Centrifugal Freeze Dryers & Lyophilizers

    • Model series ZT6, ZT12

    • Directly flanged to condenser up to -150°C

    • Solvent-resistant DMSO, acetonitrile, ethanol, methanol

    • HPLC applications

    • Materials made of stainless steel 316TI, 316L

    • Condensers for solvents

    • Infra-red heating system

    • Visualization of process

    • Different product tracks possible, ASV-micro titter etc.

    • Explosion-proof version

    • GMP conform version

    • Documentation / Qualification


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