Central Recording Multi-Channel Accelerograph Model 130 - MC

Supplied By: Reftek, Canada

Central Recording Multi-Channel Accelerograph Model 130-MC - Introduction

Complete with REF TEK's Third Generation digital recording technology, the 130-MC is a robust Multi-Channel Recorder designed around today's modern needs for civil engineering and structural monitoring. Built-in communication capabilities allow for Real-Time and On-Demand data collection. The Multi-Channel Recorder is available in a twelve channel or eighteen channel recording scheme with advanced Telemetry built-in for Real-Time Data collection for every channel. Accommodating the large scale needs of today's market, the 130-MCs, with fully featured network capabilities, can be installed in and around the structure, whether it be a campus, a single building, a bridge or a dam.


The seismic based recording system has a powerful CPU to handle the recording of multiple data streams simultaneously, recording locally to removable compact flash memory cards and transmitting data remotely to a user's PC (in Real-Time or On-Demand). All locally recorded data, along with the written system State-Of-Health files, is accessible to the user for copy and/or deletion from a local or remote PC protected from outside tampering with verified user login and password. The recorder is built with three A/D boards, each containing six independent channels for recording. Each A/D board has its own built-in pre-event memory to avoid diminished size as more channels are added to the system. For convenience, the input levels on the A/D are matched to the REF TEK family of accelerometers, models 131A and 131B.


In the case of a power outage, the Multi-Channel Recorder will continue autonomously with data acquisition, running on up to four internal 12 V DC batteries; expected autonomous life-time with four 20 Amp Hour 12 VDC batteries is 72 hours. The batteries are constantly kept charged by the built-in battery charger inside of the enclosure. If power will be absent for more than 72 hours and the system shuts down, upon return of AC power the Multi-Channel Recorder will resume its previous data acquisition mode and begin charging the batteries without any user interaction.


This system provides a user-friendly interface for all command-and-control, data off-loading, and parameter checking. Using REF TEK's interface software (RTI) with a local PC or remote PC, the user can select all recording parameters from data stream allocation, independent channel selection, sampling rate, and trigger settings, to recording destination, external alarm settings, and automatic notification settings for State-Of-Health messages and recorded events. The user can access the Multi-Channel's flash memory cards to retreive any recorded event files and State-Of-Health files, or upload firmware updates and pre-set parameter files. When updating the system's firmware, all the user must do is up-load the firmware file and power cycle the recorder.


For an intuitive analysis of the data, our Strong Motion Data Processing software offers the user options for calculating and displaying such functions as CAV, Raw and Corrected Acceleration, Arias Intensity, Velocity, Displacement, Response Spectra, PSDs, and FFTs. This software offers the user the option to view all of these calculations in the same screen or individually, and the option to analyze a single channel or all channels from a station simultaneously.



    • Structural Monitoring (Buildings, Bridges, Dams)

    • Dense Accelerometer Arrays


    • 12-18 Fully Integrated Recording Channels

    • 24-bit Output A/D Resolution

    • IP Based Communications over Ethernet and Asynchronous Serial

    • Embedded / Removable Mass Storage

    • Remote Alerting for both Event and Alarm Triggers

High Resolution Seismic Recorder


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