24 Bit Strong Motion Accelerograph Model 130 - SMA

Supplied By: Reftek, Canada

24-Bit Strong Motion Accelerograph Model 130 - SMA - Introduction

REF TEK strong motion products combine the third generation broadband seismic recorder (REF TEK 130S-01) and an advanced low-noise force-feedback accelerometer (REF TEK 131B-01/3) housed in an anodized aluminum instrument case with single point mounting and 3-point levelling.


The 130-SMA was designed specifically to meet the Department of Conservation’s California Geological Survey, Strong Motion Instrumentation Program (CSMIP) specifications for buildings and structures in urban areas.


The 130-SMA has an internal MEMS 4g accelerometer with a dynamic range of 112dB and a precision oscillator with time accuracy of ±10 µsec.


The 130-SMA includes an optional internal V.90 modem for event trigger and alarm notification and battery charger for an external or optional lead-acid battery. The size of the 130-SMA case allows for installation of an internal battery to provide backup power for more than 48 hours.


The 130-SMA advanced communications features include TCP/IP over Ethernet. The command/control interface allows the user to program and examine the instrument’s operating parameters and performs important diagnostic functions.


The 130-SMA uses command line firmware, which was specifically designed for structural monitoring applications. Setup and control is accomplished using the strong motion GUI (Graphic User Interface) that runs on multiple platforms. This firmware allows control of three relay closure contacts for external alarm activation and can automatically dial the optional modem for remote notification of events and alarms. The relay closure parameters are user selectable.


For structural monitoring of buildings, the 130-SMA is available in a 9 channel model; 3 channels for the built in sensor typically located on the ground floor of the building; the remaining 6 channels allow for two additional sensors located on the middle and top floors.



    • Free Field Recording

    • Telemetry Networks

    • Aftershock Studies

    • Building Arrays

    • Structural Monitoring



    • State-of-the-Art 24-bit ADC

    • Low Noise Force-Balance Accelerometer

    • Simultaneous Telemetry and Self-Recording

    • IP Communications over Ethernet and Asynchronous Serial and Asynchronous Serial

    • Embedded / Removable Mass Storage

    • Anodized Aluminum Case, Watertight to IP67

    • Low Power


High Resolution Seismic Recorder


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