Autonomous Accelerograph Model 148-01 "QuakeRock"

Supplied By: Reftek, Canada

Autonomous Accelerograph Model 148-01 "QuakeRock" - Introduction

The 148-01 QuakeRock accelerograph allows users to quickly and easily deploy autonomous strong motion recorders on high value structures in areas that experience infrequent but large earthquakes and are typically located in sparsely populated areas. This low cost accelerograph is perfectly suited for both main and aftershock studies and can run without oversight for up to two years in triggered mode using two “D” cell lithium batteries.


The 148-01 QuakeRock accelerograph has been designed to blend in with rocks and natural environments when placed near or around damns, bridges, nuclear power plants, or other structures that are in remote areas. No infrastructure is required to house the recorder.


While the 148-01 parameters are user selectable, typically, the 148-01 parameters are set at a higher threshold in order to record only the larger, infrequent events with high acceleration. This allows only the intended data to be recorded and keeps high volumes of data from filling up the memory card; therefore, it requires little to no maintenance other than replacing the battery every two years and collecting data if a large event occurs. The combination of all of these features provide a new, unique opportunity for customers to obtain pertinent, strong motion data, which in turn provides guidance in seismic structural design, from active faults where “close-up” data has yet to be collected to date.


Similar to the technological advances and upgrades from an old analog film camera to an advanced, easy-to-use digital camera, the 148-01 provides customers a cost effective way to upgrade from the old SMA-type film recorders, which are expensive to operate, to an inexpensive digital accelerograph; thus, providing the customer an opportunity to deploy multiple recorders in the field for the price of what one film recorder would cost, as well as providing instant data without the old, expensive processing methods necessary to obtain data from the SMA-type film recorders.


For customers looking for an easy to use, low cost recorder to collect strong motion data where a 24-bit recorder and communication are not necessary, then the 148-01 is the perfect balance of cost effectiveness and the latest technology providing the customer with a dependable, autonomous accelerograph and quality data when an unexpected, large earthquake does occur.



    • Free-field Recording

    • Aftershock Studies

    • Structural Monitoring


    • MEMS Accelerometer

    • Easy to Deploy

    • 2-year Unattended Operation

    • Sensitivity and Offset Stable Over Wide Temperature Range

High Resolution Seismic Recorder


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