Universal Encoder - UE

Supplied By: Seismic Source Company, USA

The Universal Encoder will control the following units:

    • SSC Force Two Vibrator Control Units

    • SSC Boom Box Dynamite Blaster Units

    • Vib Pro TM Vibrator Control Units

    • Shot Pro TM Dynamite Blaster Units

    • Shot Pro TM II Dynamite Blaster Units

    • SSC Weight Drop Control Units

Source Control Software

Universal control software allows observer to easily switch between seismic sources: vibrators, dynamite, weight drop. Single software program allows the following operation:

    • Receives Vibrator PSS information

    • Receives Blaster PFS information

    • Receive GPS position from Source control units

    • Receives Shot Status information from Weight Drop Control Unit

    • Receives and Analyzes Radio Similarities

    • Sends and Receives Force-Two control parameters

    • Sends and Receives Force-Two sweep parameters

    • Sends and Receives Recording Trunk information to ARAM, I-O, Sercel, Ascend, VibTech, Geometrics, and other recording systems

FORCE-TWO Universal Encoder Specifications:

    • Operating Voltage: 11-36 VDC

    • Power: 18 Watt

    • Dimensions: 4x6x12"

    • Weight: 10 lbs

Seismic Vibrator Control Systems


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