Super High Frequency Induction Coil Triple SHFT-02e

Supplied By: Metronix Geophysics, Germany

SHFT-02e Super High Frequency Induction Coil Triple

The Super High-Frequency induction coil Triple SHFT-02e has been developed for applications in Audio Magnetotellurics (AMT), Radio Magnetotellurics (RMT) and Controlled Source Magnetotellurics (CSMT). It covers a frequency range from 1 kHz up to more than 300 kHz.. The SHFT-02e shows outstanding low-noise characteristics, and a stable transfer function over temperature and time. The SHFT-02e is a result of more than 35 years of experience of metronix in the design, manufacture and application of induction coil magnetometers.

Only one SHFT-02e is required to measure the magnetic field variations in 3 orthogonal axis. The sensors and its electronics are enclosed in a shock resistant plastic case. The SHFT-02e is connected to the metronix ADU-07 data logger (or any other custom electronics) by a cable of up to 10 m length. The high quality of the SHFT-02e data is achieved by a unique design for the ultra low noise preamplifier.

Magnetotelluric Super High Frequency Induction Coil

SHFT-02e Technical Specifications

SHFT-02e Technical Specifications
Frequency Range 1kHz - 300kHz
Frequency Bands 1kHz - 300Hz (chopper off)
N/A (chopper on)
Sensor Noise 5 x 10-5 nT/√Hz @1Hz
8 x 10-6 nT/√Hz @10Hz
6 x 10-6 nT/√Hz @100Hz
Output Sensitivity 0.05 V/nT f > 1kHz
Output Voltage Range ± 10V
Function Induction coil with current amplifier
Connector 17 Pole M23 Connector
Supply Voltage ± 12V to ± 18V internally stabilized and filtered
Supply Current ± 60mA
Case Rugged, Waterproof Case
Weight Aprrox. 5.5 Kg
External Dimensions L:170 x W:190 x H:170 mm
Operating temperature range -25°C to + 60°C

Magnetotelluric High Frequency Induction Coil


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