Portable High Resolution Versatile Seismic Recording system - DAQ3-3

Supplied By: Seismic Source Company, USA

DAQ3-3 Portable High Resolution Versatile Seismic Recording system

The DAQ3-3 is the third generation of portable seismograph systems. The system can be configured as a stand-alone monitoring system, a refraction system or a distributed seismic reflection system.

The DAQ3-3 has been designed for temporary or long term installations and can be monitored continuously or periodically, locally or remotely. External clock discipline via GPS Module, VHF/UHF radios or Wire enables usage in any environment.

Seismic Recording SystemsSeismic Recording Systems

Field Benefits

Cutting-Edge Technology for Data Quality

    • Best 32 bit A/D

    • High Resolution Clock

    • Low Noise & Low Distortion Means Better Data

Designed to Produce and Protect Data

    • Data Always Stored in Box - No Lost Data

    • Offload Data While Recording – No Lost Production

    • Better Data Handling for Superior Production

Versatile Operation

    • Continuous Recording

    • Trigger on Time, Data Event or Trigger Input

    • Different Modes for Different Types of Projects

Modular and Stackable

    • Combine Units for Additional Channels

    • Uses Common GPS Module & Network Connection

    • Use "MegaDAQ" Configuration for Maximum Channels in Minimal Space

Built-In Trigger Circuit

    • Operate as Time Break Recorder

    • Captures T0 Time and Aux Channel Data

    • Great for Monitoring Autonomous Sources

Seismic Recording SystemsSeismic Recording Systems

Hardware Benefits

Sturdy Aluminum Construction

    • Rugged, Lightweight, "O" Ring Sealed to IP 67

    • Threaded Holes for Mounting

    • For Permanent Mounting, or Long-Term Deployment

"Off the Shelf" Standard Connectors

    • USB "A" Connector for Data Backup

    • RJ-45 Ethernet Connector for Data Collection

    • Makes Communication & Installation Easier

Common Data Signal Connector

    • One Set of Three Differential Signals for Geophones

    • One Set of Three Differential Signals for Seismometers

    • 12V Power Output for Active Sensors

    • Supports a Wide Variety of Sensor Types

All External Networks

    • GPS Module

    • WiFi Module / Cellular Modem

    • Enables Mounting inside Containers and Vaults

DAQ3-3 Uses

Multiple Markets

    • Engineering Seismic

    • Oil & Gas Exploration

    • MicroSeismic Frac Monitoring

Permanent Installations

    • Mountable Aluminum Enclosure

    • Remotely Locatable Networks

Earth Monitoring Stations

    • Low Power for Long-Term Use

    • Use Cellular Modem for Remote Data Collection

Downhole Recording

    • MegaDAQ configuration for deeper wells

    • Use WiFi network to collect data from multiple wells

Source Tracking and Monitoring

    • GPS provides Source Point Locations

    • Use Hammer Switch or Vibrator Controller for Time Break Signal

    • DAQ3-3 records Auxiliary Channel Signals

Data Download

Superior Design

    • Download Current or Historical Data

    • Does Not Interrupt Data Acquisition

USB Data Offload

    • Duplicates Data While Recording

    • Promotes Faster Station Visits

Network Data Offload

    • Cable, WiFi, Cellular, Satellite, etc.

    • Uses Standard Off-the-shelf Components

Seismic Recording Systems

DAQLink 3 Seismic Recording System Specifications

DAQLink 3 Electrical Specifications
Analog/Digital: 24 bit sigma delta converter
Anti-Alias Filters: 85% of Nyquist frequency
Low Cut Filter: User Selectable – DC, 0.1 Hz, 2 Hz
Sample Rates: 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 ms
Max Input @ High Gain:: 0.31 Volts peak to peak
Max Input @ Low Gain: 5.00 Volts peak to peak
Sensor Types: Passive and Active
Power Wake/Sleep: 0.48/0.01 watts per channel
Input Impedance: 20kΩ
Clock Sync: GPS or VHF/Wire
DAQLink 3 Physical Specifications
No. of Channels: 3
Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
Humidity: 0 to 100%
Size: 230 x 230 x 54 mm
Weight: 2.3 kg
Data Storage (Internal 8GB CF): 480 hours (3 channels @ 2ms)
Data Storage (External 16GB USB): 960 hours (3 channels @ 2ms)
Data Format: 32-bit float IEEE SEG-Y/SEG-D
LEDs: Recording LED, Battery LED
DAQLink 3 Performance Specifications
Trigger Accuracy: ±1 µs at all sample rates
Dynamic Range: 126 dB
THD: 0.0012 %
Crosstalk: Better than -125 dB
Common Mode Rejection: > 100 dB
Noise Floor: < 0.09 µV RMS @ 2ms

Seismic Recorder Systems


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