Advanced Seismic Acquisition System - Metric Pro

Supplied By: Seismic Source Company, USA

The Hardware:

MetricPro utilizes the "Seismic Acoustic Monitoring" seismograph node. This is the most advanced, field-proven acquisition system in the world. It works seamlessly to provide the most fully integrated source control/recorder solution.

    • Autonomous Operation using Internal Storage

    • USB External Storage for Fast Data Collection

    • Use internal battery option or external power connection

    • Internal 3C geophone or external Geophone/Seismometer/Hydrophone/Microphone

    • Supports standard Ethernet equipment

The Software:

MetricPro utilizes the iSeis field software. This advanced, flexible, and field-proven software supports every kind of data acquisition. It provides works seamlessly to provide the most fully integrated source control/recorder solution!

    • Observer software provides system command and control via real-time Wi-Fi network

    • Observer software returns status and data for fast evaluation

    • Observer software gives frequency analysis of events:

        • FFT Spectra for dominate frequency detection

        • Third Octave Analysis for event energy analysis

    • Individual events reports are generated as events are detected

    • Daily & Monthly reports log events over longer time windows

The System:

This software and hardware combination help make MetricPro the most advanced seismic data collection system available. The hardware is tough and field proven; the software has years of use and development.

    • Expandable from one node to thousands of channels

    • Multiple network options

    • Autonomous or Real Time

    • Monitor Events or switch to recording active data

    • Integrated hardware and software

    • Years of experience in the field

Hardware Specifications:

Monitoring Node

    • 1, 2 or 3 channels per node

    • 31 bit ADC sampling – 24 bit stored

    • GPS disciplined clock – microsecond accuracy

    • 8 Gbytes internal data storage – expandable

    • USB compatible external data backup

    • 100base-T Ethernet onboard

    • Internal 3C – 2 Hz Geophone

    • Single 26 pin, three component connector for:

        • Geophones – High frequency

        • Seismometers – Low frequency, broadband

        • Linear Microphones – Air Overpressuring

 Seismic Acquisition System Seismic Acquisition System

Wi-Fi Data Network

    • 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz, or 5 GHz license-free communications

    • Real Time status and data return

    • Provides node status, node control

    • Supports 1000s of nodes per system

Seismic Acquisition Systems

Software Specifications:


Observer provides command and control of the seismograph nodes and enables system monitoring before and during acquisition.

    • Seismograph Node Inventory Control

    • SEG-P1 & GPX Survey Data Import

    • Station Deployment

    • Frequency Analysis of Events

        • FFT Spectra – dominant frequency of event

        • Third Octave Analysis – event energy analysis

    • Instrument & Sensor Testing & Reports

    • Event Reports

        • Individual Events – as events are detected

        • Daily & Monthly – log events over time

    • Mesh Communications

    • Spread Noise Display


Collector offloads seismic data from seismograph nodes via network or USB connections.

    • Real-Time Collection Status

    • Reads data from USB / WiFi / Ethernet

    • Supports Active & Passive seismic

    • Collect Minute's Worth of Data in Seconds of time


Harvest reads in the "raw" SEG Y data files, spatially aligns them according to their deployment, windows traces in time, and output records.

    • Completes trace headers

    • Outputs either SEG-D or SEG-Y

WIFI Network:

Mesh Network Topology

With a Mesh Network, the data packets travel from node to node. The nodes determine the optimum path and configure the network. This makes the network extremely robust.

Seismic Recording Systems

Station to Access Point Network

In the "Spoke and Hub" Network, the data packets travel from a node to a collection point. The network paths are determined by the operation be for acquisition starts. This makes the network extremely fast.

Seismic Recording Systems

Acquisition Control Features:

Seismograph Details

    • Node Parameters and Performance

    • Elapsed Time Since Last Report

    • Instrument and Sensor Test Results

Seismic Recording Systems

Seismic Acquisition Systems

Program Map

    • Shows Nodes and Data Collection Site

    • Satellite Photos, Topo and Road Maps

    • Node Color Shows Noise Levels

Real Time Event Monitoring

Seismic Acquisition Systems

Real Time Noise Monitor

    • Data returned via Ethernet Network

    • Each Channel Displayed as Bar

    • Seismic Data Scaled in Colours

    • Includes Optional Air Overpressuring

Seismic Acquisition Systems

Real Time Event Logging

    • Seismograph Number

    • Event Amplitude

    • Event Date and Time

    • Events Then Added to Long-Term Log File

Emailed Event Reports:

Seismic Acquisition Systems

Identification Information

    • Location of Seismograph

    • UTC Time of Event

    • Project Name and Number

Triggered Event Details

    • Peak Particle Velocity

    • Dominant Frequencies

    • Frequency/Velocity Graph with VCL

Waveform Display

    • Calculated Particle Velocity Sum

    • Vertical / Transverse / Longitude Data

    • Adjustable Time Windows & Scale

Reports Emailed when Triggered

    • Colour PDF Report

    • Receive on Phone, Tablet or Desktop

    • Any Address, Anywhere, at any time

Seismic Acquisition Systems


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