Milky Master

Supplied By: Hettich Benelux, Nederlands

The Milky Master

The Milky Master is a special developed drying oven for the determination of the moisture content in dried milk.


This oven is provided with a special air circulation system for temperature control and a dry air unit for drying 16 samples.


This double walled drying oven is constructed with a stainless steel inner and outer cabinet. The space between the inner and the outer walls is filled with insulation material to reduce the heat exchange to a minimum. The cabinet is closed by a double sealed outer door, the door closes both on the inner cabinet and the outer cabinet with the use of silicone sealing profiles.


The chamber is provided with a ventilator mounted in the back wall for the internal air-circulation. The motor of the ventilator is mounted outside the inner cabinet and therefore provided with a lengthened axle. The ventilator sucks the air through the inner cabinet and transports the air via the double side walls to the front of the cabinet. Because of this unique system a very high temperature uniformity can be achieved, even when the chamber is filled with samples. To refresh the air in the cabinet, an exhaust is mounted at the top of the cabinet.


Moisture Content in Milk Moisture Content in Milk


The control panel which includes the Control Switch, the Digital Temperature Controller, the Digital Timer, The Acoustic Signal and Overtemperature Protection Reset Dial, is located on the left. The Air Pressure Regulator and the Silicagel Dryer are mounted on the right.




Temperature and Timer Controls

The heating is controlled by a digital proportional temperature controller in combination with a PT100 1/3 DIN Class B temperature sensor mounted inside the oven. This controls the heating by means of solid state relays.

  • The accuracy of the controller: 0.1°C.

  • Temperature range: ambient to 110°C

  • Temperature stability: 0.1°C

The digital timer will start as soon as the temperature reaches the set temperature. After reaching this time an acoustic signal will be activated. The timer can be reset by a switch on the control panel. This switch has 3 options:

  • Off

  • Stand by: The oven is heating till the set temperature

  • Timer: The timer will start as soon as the temperature reaches the set temperature

Moisture Content in Milk


Dry Air Unit

The connection for the Compressed Air is mounted on the back side of the oven. The necessary compressed dry air may have a maximum humidity similar to a dew point of –60°C. The oven is provided with a adjustable pressure regulator, manometers and a replaceable silica gel Cylinder for the safety of the humidity of the supplied compressed air. These supplies can be found on the control panel on the right side of the oven.


Air Supply

As drying dishes, columns of hard polypropylene are used. Every column in the metal block in the oven is separately connected to 16 copper tubes. Outside the oven every tube is connected to a restrictor with an inlet pressure of approximately 1.3 bar. During the drying process, dry air is heated in the oven trough the copper tube and passed through the columns with dried milk.


Moisture Content in Milk



    • Very Reliable and Solid Stainless Steel Construction

    • High degree of accuracy and repeatability

    • Accurate temperature and pressure control

    • Dependable and Long Life

    • Easily replaceable spare parts and hardly any maintenance

    • Modern, attractive and ergonomic design

    • Capacity of 16 samples


Milky Master Specifications

Model Dimensions Inside (mm) Dimensions Outside (mm) Power Unit Weight (Kg)
Milky Master W:450|D:400|H:450 W:1000|D:600|H:740 220V, 1000W 110


Extra Included

The following is included with the supply of Milky Master:

    • Polycarbonate tube for silicagel

    • 80PP columns with PE filters, including stoppers

    • PVC Stopper container

    • Rod suitable for placing PE filters

    • Temperature set certificate

Moisture Content in Milk


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