Fully Automated Omnilog PM System

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Phenotype MicroArrays for Microbial Cells

Fully Automated Omnilog Phenotype MicroArray System

The Biolog OmniLog® incubates and monitors 50 microplates, or 1,920 phenotypic assays simultaneously to measure physiological responses in diverse microbial cells.

Phenotype MicroArrays for Microbial Cells SystemsPhenotype MicroArrays for Microbial Cells Systems

The OmniLog PM system includes software for analysis of Biolog Phenotype MicroArray panels. The OmniLog II Combo System has additional software and a database for identification of aerobic bacteria using Biolog’s Gen III microplates. The OmniLog II Combo Plus System adds the capability for identifying anaerobes, yeast and filamentous fungi. Each system includes the OmniLog instrument, software as indicated, multimedia computer, LCD flat panel monitor, 8-channel electronic pipettor, turbidimeter, user guide, training and 1-year warranty. The OmniLog II Combo system also include the MicroStation microplate reader and a printer. Organism databases (for microbial identification), consumables and other accessories are purchased separately.

Omnilog PM System Specifications

Parameter Specification
Size: 530 mm x 810 mm x 580 mm
Power: 100 to 240 volts, 50 to 60 Hz
Operating Temp Range: 18° to 28°C
Operating Humidity Range: 20% to 80% non-condensing
Incubation Temperature Range: 22° to 45°C
Temp Consistency: ± 2°C in the Tray Chamber
Incubation Humidity Range: Ambient
Test Capacity: 50 Micro Plates
Data Capture: CCD images of each microplate every 15 minutes
Temperature Control: Input of set temperature by external computer
Temperature Indication: Output to external computer and 7 segment display
Monitor: LCD flat panel, 17 in viewable image size

Buying Guide

All OmniLog PM Systems include the OmniLog incubator/reader, computer, OmniLog PM Software, OmniLog User Guide, Pipettor, Turbidimeter and a one year warranty. Databases are sold separately

Catalog # Description
93171 OmniLog® PM System: Incubates and monitors 50 microplates, or 1,920 phenotypic assays simultaneously to measure physiological responses in diverse microbial cells

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Phenotype MicroArray Applications

Phenotype MicroArray Technology is now available for applications with nearly all important species of bacteria and fungi. Simple protocols are available for testing nearly 2000 cellular phenotypes simultaneously.

Uses with microbial cells:

    • Determine gene functions

    • Compare gene knock-out mutants to wild types

    • Compare naturally-isolated strains with different genetic backgrounds

Identify novel antimicrobial targets by finding genes unique to pathogenic micro organisms:

    • Find phenotypes present in pathogenic but not in non-pathogenic strains

    • Find phenotypes present in pathogenic microbes but not in host cells (animal or plant)

Test antimicrobial targets and drug leads by comparative phenotyping:

    • Determine MOA of drug leads

    • Compare phenotypic changes caused by target gene knockout versus drug addition

Bioprocess Improvement:

    • Compare and analyze different generations of production strains

    • QC fingerprint production strains

    • Scan 2000 culture conditions simultaneously to optimize the growth medium for product yield

General cell characterization:

    • Determine metabolic properties of any microbe

    • Determine drug/chemical sensitivities

Kinetic Data Capture and Analysis

OmniLog PM software contains a suite of algorithms that work in conjunction with the OmniLog PM system and Phenotype MicroArray panels to automate incubation of up to fifty microplates at a fixed user-controlled temperature with complete collection of colorimetric assay data over time. These programs allow for display of kinetic data from PM panels recorded by the OmniLog PM system, manage and analyze the data, export it in a variety of raw and processed forms, and generate reports.

Phenotype MicroArrays for Microbial Cells

Software Functions:

    • Drives the operation of the OmniLog PM system

    • Guides loading and reading of plates or PM panels

    • Creates a kinetic data file for each plate or PM panel for use in the other program modules

File Management/Kinetic Analysis

    • Assembles plate or PM panel data files into data lists

    • Displays kinetic plots of the data

    • Allows export of kinetic plots as bmp or jpeg files

Parametric Analysis:

    • Extracts data lists from the File Management /Kinetic Analysis module

    • Calculates parameters from kinetic data

    • Allows comparison of two data lists

    • Highlights wells and generates a report on PM phenotypes that differ significantly in any selected kinetic analysis parameter

    • Allows identification of substrates in all PM panels

    • Links metabolic substrates in PM panels to KEGG database

    • Export the original OmniLog kinetic data

    • Export data parameters for statistical & bio-informatic analysis

Phenotype MicroArrays for Microbial Cells SystemsPhenotype MicroArrays for Microbial Cells Systems

Preconfigured PM panels yield nearly 2,000 response phenotypes which are informative for studies of:

    • Cell surface structure and transport functions

    • Catabolism of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur

    • Biosynthesis of small molecules

    • Synthesis and function of macromolecules & cellular machinery

    • Cellular respiration functions

    • Stress and repair functions

    • Other cellular properties

Phenotype MicroArrays for Microbial Cells

Phenotype MicroArrays for Microbial Cells


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