Digital Bomb Calorimeter - Software System CC01/M2A

Supplied By: Toshniwal Technologies Pvt. Limited

Product Introduction:

A Bomb Calorimeter measures the amount of heat generated when matter is burnt in a sealed chamber in an atmosphere of pure Oxygen gas.


Toshniwal Bomb Calorimeter provides a simple inexpensive yet accurate method to determine the Heat of Combustion, Calorific Value and the Sulphur contents of solids & liquids and fuels. The outfit provided is complete for the analysis as per methods recommended by the Indian Standard Institute (IS: 1359 –1959), British Standard Institute (BS 1016: Part 5:1967) and the Institute of Petroleum (IP 12/63T). Each part of the outfit has been finished and tested according to the specifications laid down by these Institutions.


Principle of Operation:

A known amount of the sample is burnt in a sealed chamber (Bomb). The air is replaced by pure Oxygen. Sample is ignited electrically. As the sample is burnt, heat is produced. The rise in temperature is measured. Since barring the loss of heat, the amount of heat produced by burning the sample must be equal to the amount of heat absorbed by the Bomb Calorimeter assembly. A knowledge of the Energy Equivalent of the Bomb Calorimeter assembly and of the rise in temperature enables one to calculate the heat of combustion of the sample.


W= Energy Equivalent of the calorimeter assembly in calories per degree centigrade

T= Rise in temperature in degree Celsius

H = Heat of combustion of material in calories per gram

M = Mass of the sample burnt in grams

Then W.T = H.M or H = W.T / M


Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter Model: CC01/M2A

Toshniwal Bomb Calorimeter with Digital Differential Temperature/Firing Unit provides an accurate, simple and inexpensive method for determination of Heat of Combustion, Calorific Value and Sulphur contents of solids, liquids and volatile fuels.


The Bomb Jacket with top cover is provided with special highly insulated material so that temperature radiation is practically nil. Temperature correction to get the final and correct result is not required.


The Model CC01/M2A is the advanced version of the Model CC01/M2. With all the features being the same, The M2A model has the additional feature of being connected to a computer. It is supplied with an RS 232C interface to connect it to a computer with windows operating system. The M2A model automatically calculates the Calorific value of the sample.


The readings of Toshniwal Digital Differential Temperature/Firing Unit are at par with Beckman Thermometer.


Digital Bomb Calorimeter Salient Features:

    • Bomb body is machined from corrosion resistant stainless steel alloy

    • Each bomb is tested at a pressure of 300 atm for 10 minutes

    • Offset stirrer precludes heat from motor to Calorimeter Vessel

    • Easy to handle and operate

The Digital Differential Temperature/Firing Unit with Electronic Timer Features:

    • Temperature Indication: 3.5 Digit digital display

    • Differential Temperature range: 0 - 100 C

    • Reading Resolution of temperature: 0.01° C

    • Firing Voltage for Bomb: 12 VAC

    • LED Indication for filament continuity

    • LED Indication for Bomb Combustion

CC01/M2A Bomb Calorimeter is supplied with the following items
Combustion Bomb Cotton Reel
Calorimeter Vessel Stand for Bomb Lid
Combined Lid Hook for lifting Bomb
Stirrer Crucible – 2 nos.
Connecting Leads Gelatine Capsules – 50 nos.
Connecting tube for Oxygen Cylinder Gas Release Valve
Adjustable Spanner O – Rings for Bomb and Stirrer
Nichrome Ignition Wire (20 M. 36 SWG) Valve for Bomb
Valve Key Pellet Press
Benzoic Acid – 10 Tablets Instruction Manual


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