Moisture Balances

The amount of moisture in a product can greatly affect the perceived quality of the product. Therefore it is important for manufacturers to test the moisture content present in the products they produce. The simplest, most accurate, and the cheapest method to measure the moisture is to use Moisture Balances also known as Moisture Analyzers or Moisture Meters.


Moisture Analyzers are perfect for measuring moisture in almost any product such as grains, pharmaceutical products, chemicals, foods, cosmetic products etc. The Moisture Analyzer consists of a weighing mechanism which weighs the sample that needs to be tested for moisture content. The Moisture Analyzer stores the weight data. The sample is then heated for a particular set of time using the Halogen – Infrared lamp. The heat causes moisture in the sample to evaporate thus lowering the weight of the sample. This difference in weight reflects quantity of moisture in the sample.