Strong Motion High Resolution Accelerometer

Supplied By: Reftek, Canada

Strong Motion High Resolution Accelerometer Model 147-01/3

The REF TEK 147-01/3 Low Noise model provides excellent dynamic range useful when used with 24-bit digitizers like the REF TEK 130 Series. This accelerometer uses a state-of the-art triaxial force balance accelerometer which makes up for the mechanical characteristic limitations of conventional accelerometers. Using a force balance feedback sensor overcomes the shortcomings of nonlinear distortion and threshold of sensitivity of elastic measuring parts.


The 147-01/3 model shown here is +/- 4g full scale. The 147-01/3’s high sensitivity, large linear range, high resolution, and high dynamic range make the 147-01/3 model best suited for free field applications such as microzonation, site response, earthquake monitoring, and more.


The 147-01/3 housing is sealed to meet IP67 standards for watertight integrity. Mounting is accomplished with a single bolt, 2 adjusting screws, and 3 point levelling.



    • Free Field Reference

    • Building Arrays

    • Structural Monitoring

    • Site Response

    • Aftershock Studies


    • State-of-the-Art Triaxial Force-Balance Accelerometer

    • Low Noise

    • Sensitivity and Offset Stable Over Wide Temperature Range


Ordering Information

Part No. Description
97119-00 147-01-3: Accelerometer, Triaxial, Sealed, Low Noise, Hi-Res.
97175-00 130-8900-33: Assembly, Cable, 130 to 147-01 Accelerometer, 33’ (10m)


Strong Motion High Resolution Accelerometer


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