Portable Load Cell Systems

Supplied By: Seismic Source Company, USA

Portable Load Cell Systems

Load Cell is designed by Seismic Source Company to measure the Hold Down weight and the output force of the Servo Hydraulic Vibrator unit. The output of the Load Cells can be recorded with any accurate seismic recording system.

Portable Load Cell SystemsPortable Load Cell Systems

Each Load Cell System uses an Interface Box to gather data from the Load Cells and transmit it to a recording device for interpretation by the provided VScope software.

A typical system includes four base plates with each base plate containing three Load Cells. The total weight capacity of the system depends on the type of load cells installed. Typical load cell capacities include 25,000 lbs. per cell, and 50,000 lbs. per cell.

Portable Load Cell Systems

The difference between the Load Cell output (green color) and the Weighted Sum output from accelerometers (blue color).

Portable Load Cell Systems


    • Easy to use Software

    • Robust Data Base

    • GPS for Time and Location of Test

    • For use with many Seismic Vibrators

    • 12Vdc Operation

Portable Load Cell Systems

Accelerometer Test System


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