MicroLog M System - Manual Bacteria, Yeast and Fungi Identification System

Supplied By: Biolog, USA


The Biolog Microbial ID System can rapidly identify over 2,500 species of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, yeasts and fungi. These easy to use systems provide reference laboratory quality identifications. Biolog Systems do this without the labor-intensive requirements of conventional strips or panels. There is a Biolog System for any size laboratory, from full and semi-automatic to manually read systems.


Biolog's latest generation redox chemistry enables testing and microbial identification of aerobic Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria in the same test panel. Gram stain and other pre-tests are no longer needed. A simple one minute setup protocol and your samples are ready to be analyzed. Our expanded GEN III database is designed to meet the needs of Biolog's broad customer base covering diverse disciplines of microbiology.





Model No. Description
45101 MicroLog M System, for identification of aerobic bacteria based on visual inspection and manual entry of resuts. Includes Microstation GEN III Data Collection Software, Electronic User Guide, Turbidimeter, Web based training and 1 year warranty. Databases, Retrospect 2.0 Data Management Software and multi channel pipettor are sold separately.


Computer Requirements

MicroLog M System Min. Computer Requirements
Pentium PC with 512 Cache, 700mm Hz or Compatible
256 MB RAM
4 GB Hard Drive
CD Rom Drive
High Density Floppy Drive
Seriel Port or USB and Parallel Port
Monitor with 800 x 600 pixel resolution, 256 colour
Microsoft XP, Service Pack 2 Installed


The MicroLog M System

Accurate identifications in any setting

Biolog’s MicroLog® manual microbial ID system is the ideal choice for testing environments with lower volume requirements or budget constraints. e system offers basic identification capability for aerobic Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria. GEN III MicroPlate results are read visually and entered into the MicroLog Soware’s data entry screen for analysis and organism identification. is System includes a turbidimeter, the MicroLog soware and electronic user guide. Databases, RetroSpect soware, electronic pipettor and validation packages that support full compliance, including 21 CFR Part 11, are sold separately allowing users to customize the system to meet their organization’s individual needs.


A simple, straightforward procedure:

  • Isolate a pure culture on agar media

  • Prepare inoculum at specified cell density

  • Inoculate the Biolog MicroPlate

  • Incubate the plate, observe and enter the reaction pattern to obtain ID result


Why Biolog Bacteria, Yeast and Fungi Identification Systems?

  • Biolog's single panel is easy to use, and identifies 4 times more species than alternative systems

  • Bacteria, yeast and filamentous fungi can be identified in very little time

  • Only Biolog technology provides users with both an identification AND a detailed strain characterization

  • one technology with multiple platforms, for high level performance in laboratories of all interests, sizes and budgets

  • Rewarding our customers with innovation and greater performance for more than 20 years


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