City Shark II - Ambient Vibration Recorder

Supplied By: Leas, France

City Shark II - Ambient Vibration Recorder

City Shark II is a reliable versatile Data Acquisition System dedicated to geophysical and civil applications.

This synchronous multi-channel (uo to 18) recording device mainly designed for ambient vibration recording is able to record any low voltage signal.

City Shark II is a user friendly compact portable tool efficient for soil and building dynamic parameters studies.

The internal GPS, high quality clock and continuous recording capabilities allow City Shark II to be used also for Earthquake Monitoring.

Ambient Vibration Seismic Recorder

City Shark II Applications:

    • Ambient Vibration Studies - Single Station or Array

    • Civil Engineering Investigation

    • Earthquake Monitoring

    • Geophysical Research

Benefits and Advantages in using City Shark II

City Shark II is an independent portable device with a powerful internal battery, a removable compact flash card for efficient data storage for synchronous recording of one to six 3-component sensors (3 to 18 channels).

Recording parameters are set-up through push buttons, no need to use an external device.

Both passive and active sensors may be used. Active sensors are directly powered by the station itself through the same cable as the recorded signal.

Internal noise is so low that it allows using a 4.h Hz sensor to study frequencies down to as low as 0.2 Hz.

Other City Shark II advantages are:

  • Flexibility

  • Portability

  • Accuracy

  • Large Storage Capacity

  • Extractable Compact Flash Card

  • Low Voltage Battery Detection

  • Internal GPS

  • Continuous recording mode with selectable data storage size (1 to 60 min)

  • Possibility to connect to an external battery

City Shark II - Ambient Vibration Recorder Specifications

City Shark II Technical Specifications
Internal Battery: 12V/7Ah (Lead Battery)
Power: 1.4W one sensor version
2.4W six sensor version
Analog Input: 3 to 18 channels (differential inputs)
14 selectable gains: 1 to 8192 (0 to 78dB)
ADC: 24 bit Delta Sigma
18 selectable sample rates: 10 to 1000 sps
Dynamic Range: 108dB @ 100sps
90dB @ 250sps
Storage Capacity: 2GB
City Shark II Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions: 420 x 335 x 180 mm
Weight: 5 Kg
Operating Temperature: -10°C/+55°C
Protection Rating: IP65
Connectors: SOURIAU 851 (Lennartz Compatibility)

City Shark II Data Software Package

Ambient Vibration Seismic Recorder

City Shark II combined to ReadCity software and Geopsy open source software is the best solution for easy laptop data processing of ambient vibration recordings.

Ambient Vibration Seismic Recorder


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