Broadband Seismic Recorder Model 130S-01

Supplied By: Reftek, Canada

Broadband Seismic Recorder Model 130S-01 - Introduction

The new and improved 130S-01 has many of the same great features that the 130-01 recorder provided, but now includes more capabilities. The 130S-01 has lower power consumption, higher dynamic range, wider input voltage as well as wider input full scale, and houses a new A/D board.


The new improvements to the 130S-01 are helpful in the field, as operators can enable the remote mass lock/unlock electronically on sensors that have this provision as opposed to manual operation.


The 130S-01 Broadband Seismic Recorder digitizes and stores analog input from a variety of external sensors, including seismometers, accelerometers, tiltmeters and other geophysical sensors. The 130S-01 is designed to be easier to use – more compact, lighter in weight, lower power, and requires less maintenance than other recorders. Not only is the hardware optimized for field deployments, software tools have been specially developed to support both field and base station operation.


The 130S-01 has six input/output connectors: two Channel input connectors, a Terminal connector for setup and control, a Net connector combining Ethernet and Serial PPP for network access, an external power connector and a GPS receiver connector. An LCD display allows the user to monitor the status of various sub systems within the 130S-01 without a terminal device attached.


The 130S-01’s case is a lightweight, waterproof, clamshell design. A removable lid is used for accessing the mass storage media and one or two Compact Flash II devices that are used for storing large amounts of data in the field. Also available is the Microdrive high capacity, high performance removable storage ranging up to 16GB on a Compact Flash II (CF-II) or 32GB on two installed drives.


Setup, control, and status monitoring is accomplished with either an iPod touch or iPhone using our WiFi Serial Adaptor with the Field Setup Controller (iFSC) software or from a PC/workstation using our REF TEK Command Control (RTCC) interface without a terminal device attached.


The 130S-01 is low-power and operates from 12 volt power sources, making it ideal for portable deployment in a variety of environments where AC power is not available. Accessories include the REF TEK 130-GPS, compact flash drives, iPod touch, 130-ENVIROCASE, REF TEK 131B and 147 series accelerometers and REF TEK 151B-series seismometers.

 High Resolution Seismic Recorder High Resolution Seismic Recorder


    • State-of-the-Art ADC for BB/SP Seismometers

    • Small Size and Light Weight

    • Modular Hardware and Software

    • IP Communications over Ethernet and Asynchronous Serial

    • Embedded/Removable Mass Storage



    • Local and Regional

    • Broadband

    • Aftershock

    • Active-Source

    • Micro-Zonation Survey

    • Site Noise Survey


Ordering Information

Part No. Description
97100-00 130S-01/3: Recorder, 3rd Generation, 3-Ch
97100-01 130S-01/6: Recorder, 3rd Generation, 6-Ch
97134-00 SW-RTI-NC: Software, REF TEK Interface
97150-00 130-GPS: GPS Receiver/Clock
97153-00 130-8015-33: Cable, 130 to GPS, 33ft. (~10m)
97162-00 130-FIELDCASE: Case, Transit (holds one 130, GPS, Cables)
97167-00 130-8075: Cable, Power B, 130S to Battery, 6ft. (~2m)
97170-00 130-8019: Cable, NET, 130 to Ethernet RJ45 Hub, Ext
97171-00 130-8023: Cable, NET, 130 to Ethernet RJ45, Crossover, Ext.
97176-00 130-8002: Channel Input Mating Connector
97180-00 130-FLASH/8GB: Disk, Flash Memory, 8GB Compact Flash II
97181-00 130-FLASH/16GB: Disk, Flash Memory, 16GB Compact Flash II
97182-10 iFSC/W-Kit: iFSC Controller, WiFi Adaptor & CD
97192-00 130-Reader-USB: Reader, CF I/II/III, External, USB
97211-00 130-8004: Assembly, Cable, Ethernet/Modem, Ext.


 High Resolution Seismic Recorder


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