Sigma Compatibility and Flexibility

Source Systems

Sigma™ seismic cableless recording system works well with variety of seismic source controllers made by Seismic Source Co. This includes advanced Vibraseis techniques, standard and digital Dynamite, Airgun and Accelerated Weight Drop sources.

The source integration package includes all necessary software and hardware for highly efficient field operations. Sigma Observer™ software always runs spread analysis based on Sigma recorders returned/transmitted status data. Sigma™ offers unmatched flexibility in source selection.

Key integration components would include Seismic Source Co’s Universal Encoder and Source Control software suite, capable of operating the following source controllers:

    • Force Three (Seismic Source Co., vibrator controller)

    • Boom Box (Seismic Source Co., dynamite and airgun controller)

    • RTM/WDC/WTB (Seismic Source Co., AWD or any other asynchronous source)

    • SHOT PRO™ (INOVA Geophysical Inc.)

Master-Slave to other recording systems

Sigma is well suited and is designed for integration (mixed jobs) with other recording systems. This includes master-slave operation setup, path fill-in work, highly populated areas, or completely autonomous recording and remote operation. Extensive field testing has been conducted and completed to confirm and validate Sigma compatibility with popular recorders like Aram, INOVA, Sercel and others.